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We have been hands-on from day one working side-by-side with our formulators and experts to produce high quality performance grooming products at reasonable prices. Safety is our utmost concern followed by meaningful results that make a difference. We have enjoyed working with dedicated focus groups throughout the United States and Europe and would like to share with you a little more background information about our company.

EspanaSILK's grooming line is called SILK because of the emphasis we put on utilizing silk proteins in each product. We are environmentally conscious, having selected from the finest mix of natural, organic, and cosmetically-engineered ingredients. All EspanaSILK's natural ingredients are derived from sustainable plant and mineral resources. We utilize many plant-based conditioners and proven moisturizers, to work together with amino modified organosilicone technology.

The first thing one notices about EspanaSILK products is its uniquely refreshing, light, cucumber-spa blended fragrance. Use as part of your weekly or daily grooming routine for All Animals AND People of all Ages to promote healthy hair/skin care, silky coats, stunning manes/tails with long lasting superior results. You'll soon discover the many extra wellness attributes they provide as well.

EspanaSILK products are created first and foremost for extra hydration with our hypoallergenic aqua based solutions (soap/detergent free) that are non-oily, non-slip or greasy.   They will not weigh down, build-up, fade or flatten hair. Our sprays contain no ethanol or harmful aerosols. In fact, they are hypoallergenic, meaning they are intentionally formulated to be so mild and gentle to use everyday for you and your animal companion's hair & skin care needs and wants.

We stand behind our ingredients and their chemistry so you can be reassured of the quality, mindfulness and passion in everything we offer.

A word about "SILK" protein:  The word Silk emanates strength and beauty.  This is what sets Espana SILK apart from other products on the market. Our products are formulated to hydrate and repair.  They are intended to tackle the toughest grooming challenges, and make a difference in your daily life!

A word about "Amino Modified Organosilicone":  While old-school silicones have been used for many years in animal hair products, Espana has embraced the modern age with cosmetically engineered Amino Modified Silicone-Polyether Copolymers.  These breakthrough innovations combine nature with human ingenuity.  The result is a safe and proven ingredient that produces astonishing results for both Animals and Humans!  A win/win for all!

Espana SILK products are "cruelty-free", biodegradable, and made in the USA!

The WATERLESS SHAMPOO is ideal for easy clean up on soiled areas and great for getting the whites-whiter naturally  without adding water!!  You'll love using it on YOURSELF for those inbetween or last minute touch-ups when you or your pet don't have extra time to do a whole hair or body wash--it's a "Shower-In-A-Bottle" with the beauty of its organic cleanser and deodorizer all in one---just a spray away.    It makes a great hand cleanser throughout the day or simply used for freshening up after a work-out or tanning.  It has also proven to be a must for the Hunters, Campers, Fishermen & Travelers  who do not  have showers available at campgrounds/fairgrounds or abroad locations where water usage is limited/minimal or who prefer to save on water use in RV's/campers. Our Waterless Shampoo is great for cleaning aquariums, bird cages to inside vehicles dash boards, windows, etc.  An extra bonus is it's a simple and convenient way to help remove unexpected spills and spots from clothing, blankets, rugs, appliances, counter/table tops etc. Using the Waterless Shampoo as your leather cleaner to clean/hydrate keeping your saddles & all leather/suede/cloth, bit & tack cleaner longer beause our SILK PROTEINS repell dirt/dust for your all-around cleaner. Our Waterless shampoo will impress you in the winter months with dirty or freezing snow on muzzles, feathers, etc. can be quickly dethawed and wiped clean with our "Bath in a Bottle".  Because you don't want to put shampoo down the ear canal of your canine or for that matter--even yourself/newborns/children/seniors--you will appreciate the Waterless Shampoo as your  INNER EAR CLEANER  by spritzing on a cotton ball/que-tip/cosmetic pad or spraying directly in the ear & wiping clean & dry --it's that mild & gentle to use on everything, everybody and everywhere!!!

 ESPANA SILK'S DETANGLER/FULL BODY SHEEN is a MUST for an added leave-in conditioner and works wonders as a natural volumizer, if needed.   Evidence has proven that not only our animals but people NEED more HYDRATION plus the added benefit of SUNSCREEN is a necessary bonus.  Being NON-SLIPPERY/NON-STICKY when applied makes braiding, dematting, brush-outs easy and long lasting saving you lots of time along with repelling dirt/dust; reducing static/electricity and fly-away hair. Spraying on clothes, nylons, linen, blankets, etc. eliminates static cling and provides a wrinkle releaser in place of ironing if needed -- simply spray our Detangler on your clothing items that need to be pressed on a flat surface and use your hands to flatten out the wrinkles. Whether you are using it for yourself or on your pet you'll value the shine and added hydration hair will be embraced with ....and for the horse owners.--spraying on hooves gives a beautiful shine/gloss. 

The ANTISEPTIC TOPICAL SPRAY will provide and amaze you with its many uses and our repeat customers call it the “Miracle Spray” and is good for any minor skin or ear irritation/inflammation on humans and animals .... from skin allergies, bug/fly bites, a natural alternative for ridding fleas & ticks, hives, irritated bumps, rubbing, itchy tails, bee stings, rashes, scratches, sunburn, clipper burn, hot spots, rain rot, girth itch, paper cuts, skin blemishes/black-heads, acne, oral mouth rinse/care, use on cancer sores in & out of mouth, a daily astringent and deodorant, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, jock itch, athletes foot..... any type of skin or itch issue .... try it out .... it relieves, cools, soothes, comforts on contact and promotes healing & stimulates hair growth- -you will see results immediately!!  You'll also simply love using it as an all-over spritzer for pampering you and your pet.  Our Antiseptic Topical Spray is that it may provide temporary releif as a mild liniment for those aching, sore or tired muscles when used as a compliment with our Antiseptic Healing/Wellness Conditioner.  A side benefit of our Antiseptic Topical Spray can be used for "degreasing" needs from locks to tough stains--used in conjunction with our Healing/Wellness Shampoo for optimal results.  

Our EspanaSILK "Farm Families" love it for their rabbits, goats, ferrets, pigs, cows and its a big HIT for their chickens in the harsh weather with our "Miracle" Spray coming to the rescue to soothe and heal chickens webbed feet & crowns. Our aquatic & reptile EspanaSILK "Family" fish to lizards, to snakes, to crocodiles are also big supporters of our Waterless Shampoo and for healing their dry "scaly" skin issues they wouldn't be without our "Miracle" Antiseptic Topical Spray and to give an extra boost of hydration for their reptile pets needs with our Healing Conditioner as a 2nd healing layer for immediate comfort and soothing releif instantly.

Our REGULAR, WHITENING/BRIGHTENING AND HEALING SHAMPOOS are excellent for Laundry use and our customers and/or their animals that have sensitive skin due to the chemicals in laundry detergents find that using our HEALING SHAMPOO has been a helpful solution. If you are looking for an awesome "DE-SKUNKING" or eliminating "URINE" or foul smells--Espana SILKS Healing Shampoo is also an ODOR-ELIMINATOR  to your Rescue for you, your pet as well as for your carpets, floors, blankts, etc...wherever the odor is emitting... use our Healing Shampoo with the magical EUCALYPTUS ingredient that cuts through "pet/body/hair oils & variaous stinky smells" beautifully!!!  Our "Lilly of the Valley" WHITENING/BRIGHTENING SHAMPOO is great to use on colored/treated/high lighted/normal/all light to dark hair shades-- NO decoloring/fading or bleaching/rinsing out any salon or home treatments for hair or fabric/carpets/upholstery-- as well as getting clothes whiter/brighter in the wash.  All our SHAMPOOS are great for yourself as a shampoo/ body wash/shower gel, manicures/pedicures, and because it's streak-free it's great for using to wash cars/trucks, windows,floors, kennels, floor mats, buckets, tack, etc ... and the sewer/septic systems appreciate our products because they are all biodegradable and won't clog, pollute or back up the plumbing systems.

Our REGULAR AND HEALING CONDITIONERS are BOTH great to use as a cream rinse for yourself, gel/mousse solution for hair & overall moiturizer for body as well as a fabric softener in your laundry. Take advantage of using our Regular Conditioner (if you do not require any Sunscreen) and use as your "leave in Spray-on Conditioner" or Detangler by simply taking 1 part conditioner and mixing it with up to 5 parts or more water (depending on if you have soft or hard water) to make a great Detangler that you can customize to your liking by diluting to your needs.  Using the HEALING CONDITIONER as a sauve/ointment for all 4 & 2 legged in & out of your household to apply as a "sealer" and/or "top coat" works beautifully and is a double bonus used in conjunction with the ANTISEPTIC TOPICAL SPRAY as the "base coat"--together these two work their magic on a variety of skin issues & as a mild linament for tired, sore or aching muscles thanks to the Eucalyptus, Chamomile & Aloe Vera healing agents! You'll receive lots of benefits by using both of our CONDITIONERS  as a natural softener for your leathers (coats, boots, purses, saddles, tack, furniture, car interior, etc); applying to dogs/cats paw pads; horses coronet bands & hooves-- AS WELL AS USING AS A  MAKEUP REMOVER AND ON YOURSELF AS A FACE, HAND, FOOT, BODY LOTION & LIP BALM---TRY IT, YOU'LL LOVE IT!!!

Our BUG SPRAY repels flying insects naturally and is a bonus to use not only for your 4 legged loved ones but for all the 2 legged family from baby to senior. You will experience many wonderful environments our BUG SPRAY will comfort you from lawn mowing, golfing, garden work, hiking, etc....the list goes on and on and on!!  The extra extra bonus is that our bug spray is a welcomed addition to spraying over counters, picnic tables, benches, decks, etc...all surroundings that are in and around the areas that flying insetcs are bothersome. You can't use too much...spray away because there is no oily, sticky or residue feeling left behind on hair, skin or's a win win...the natural way!!  

We wish you a great day!!
Trudy & The Espana SILK Team
Espana "SILK" Natural Grooming Products
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