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SILK Natural Protein Shampoo

Naturally soap and detergent free and properly ph balanced, Espana SILK Natural Protein Enhanced Shampoo/Body Wash deep cleans, conditions and dramatically moisturizes hair/skin. A special blend of extra Silk Proteins, Vegetable Proteins, Coconut Surfactant and Jojoba Oil provides superior conditioning to accentuate natural gloss and sheen. Don't expect heaps of suds; they actually inhibit the cleaning and moisturizing that hair requires because suds clump hair shafts together. With SILK Natural Protein Shampoo, you'll see the difference as it separates each hair shaft and gives it individual attention to ensure deep cleaning and moisturizing that hair requires. Plus rinsing is a breeze, saving time and water. Great for the whole family, your dogs, cats, horses, and all animals. Environmentally friendly! (Ready-to-use or up to 15:1 dilution)
SILK Natural Protein Wellness Shampoo with Comforting, Soothing & Nourishing Ingredients

Ideal for those "extra duties", our Wellness Shampoo, with extra Silk Proteins, soothes and promotes overall wellness for all ages of animals and people who suffer from skin allergies, eczema, hot spots, bug & flea bites, sunburn, scratches, rain rot, sensitive skin issues, clipper and minor skin irritations.  A natural alternative for ridding fleas & ticks!  It stops the itch cycle on contact and promotes healing and hair growth.  Our superior wellness agents such as Aloe Vera Gel, Eucalyptus Oil, and Chamomile Extract are formulated into this highly effective shampoo. Great for the whole family, your dogs, cats, horses and all animals too! Environmentally friendly! (Ready-to-use or up to 3:1 dilution; 1:1 for optimal results)
SILK Natural Protein Waterless Shampoo

Gentle but effective, Espana SILK's Natural Waterless Shampoo is self rinsing.  Ideal, quick and easy to use on tough or lightly soiled areas, carpets, clothing, counter-tops/floors, etc...  Campers, boaters, hunters, biker/hikers, travellers and the list goes on and on and on who love this one-stop shopping "SHOWER-IN-A-BOTTLE"!!  Organically gets the whites - whiter!  It contains Aloe Vera Gel, extra Silk Proteins, Coconut Surfactant, and conditioners so it won't dry out or irritate skin, hair, coats or materials.  Perfect for winter bathing, last minute touchups or unexpected baby and/or pet messes. It's a must for everyone! Simply spray on and towel off or blow dry. The skin, hair and coat is left clean and fresh-smelling with our signature cucumber-spa fragrance. Great for the whole family, your dogs, cats, horses & all animals.   Environmentally friendly! (Ready-to-use)
SILK Pro Natural Brightening Shampoo

Cleaner, Whiter & Brighter without any extra drying or bleaching out of hair & skin, tender or sensitive areas our "Lilly of the Valley" Pro Whitening & Brightening Shampoo deep cleans and brightens the light to the dark hair and everything inbetween, rinsing out easily which makes this specialty shampoo a true favorite! A natural blend of concentrated coconut clensers, vegetable protein, aloe vera and rosemary extract restores your hair to its natural color and vibrancy while keeping it soft and manageable.  Espana Silks Pro Brightening Shampoo can be used with Espana Silks Conditioners and/or Detangler/Full Body Sheen Protectant Spray with Sunscreen for added shine and skin health. (Ready to use or 10:1 dilution) Great for all animals from the light to dark colors too to "whiten" the whites and "brighten" the darks! 
SILK Natural Protein Conditioner

Provides conditioning where it's needed most. Properly ph balanced, Espana SILK Natural Protein Enhanced Conditioner repairs damaged/dry skin, hair, coats and tails while providing enhanced coat texture, body and fantastic shine. It eliminates the toughest tangles, matting and static in hair,  manes and tails. Our unique blend of botanicals and conditioners provides a natural soothing to the skin for incredible results and show-stopping appearance. Use as a CREAM RINSE: You may apply directly to rinsed hair or mix up to 5 parts water to 1 part conditioiner and apply with sponge or spritz on. Use as a BODY LOTION: Apply directly to all areas foryour desired needs as a gel, mousse, cream or salve. For optimal results applying dailly or as needed is recommended.   Our Multi-purpose/Ready-to-use Conditioner is perfect for softening all leathers and applying to horses coronet bands & hooves, dog paw pads, using as your face, hand, body & feet lotion, lip balm, fabric softener and eye makeup remover.  Great for the whole family, your dog, cat, horse & all animals.  Environmentally friendly! (Ready-to-use or 1:1 for manes & tails, otherwise up to 5:1 dilution)
SILK Natural Protein Detangler/Leave-In Conditioner/Protectant Spray with Sunscreen

This emollient spray is non-oily and alcohol-free so it will not dry out your hair or your pets or dull its coat. It provides superior detangling, healthy hydration and protein enhanced treatments to hair, coat, mane and tail. A bonus is that it also provides sunscreen with UV protection as it seals and shines! Recommended as a final step after bathing and drying, it seals the hair/coat and repels dirt and dust so hair/coat stay cleaner and static/electribity & fly-away free longer.Our spray is also great for daily brush-outs, coat maintenance between baths, and show prep without any slip or slide. A favorite for use as a Static-Guard on clothing, blankets, sweaters, etc.  Great for everyone and your dogs, cats, horses, all animals too!  Environmentally friendly! (Ready-to-use)
SILK Natural Protein Antiseptic Topical Spray

Antiseptic and healing agents, such as AloeVera Gel, Eucalyptus Oil, and Chamomile Extract, are formulated into this highly effective topical spray. Great for people and pets of all ages suffering from skin allergies, acne, eczema, hot spots, bug & fly bites, sunburn, itching, scratches, sensitive skin issues, hives, rain rot, clipper or other minor skin or ear irritations.  A natural alternative for ridding fleas & ticks. Espana SILK  Natural Antiseptic Topical Spray soothes and cools irritated skin and stops the itch on contact and promotes healing and hair growth.   Apply directly to affected areas several times a day and continue with regular use to promote the healing process. Often called our "Miracle" Spray and is a "must" for all.  Great for the whole family, your dogs, cats, horses and all animals!   Environmentally friendly! (Ready-to-use)
SILK Natural Protein Wellness Conditioner with Comforting, Soothing & Nourishing Ingredients

SILK Wellness Conditioner repairs and provides stunning texture, body & shine - eliminating
tangles, matting & static. Our ready-to-use Wellness Conditioner immediately soothes, cools, comforts & helps stop the itch on contact & promotes healing & hair growth process. Use as a skin treatment for sensitive/red/dry & irritated skin, hot spots, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dandruff, sun/clipper burn, skin allergies, bug bites, rids fleas/ticks and much more.
Use as a CREAM RINSE: Rinse hair/coat thoroughly - apply directly - for best results let set for up to 5  minutes before rinsing out. (You may also mix 1 part water & apply with a sponge or spritz bottle.)
Use as a BODY LOTION: Use as a gel, salve, cream or ointment by applying directly to affected areas 2-3 times daily until condition begins improving; thereafter apply once or twice daily until healed. Periodic treatment will help prevent recurrences. Great as a Lip Balm and for overall face, hand, feet and overall body lotion. Great for the whole family with babies loving it for diaper rash, chaffing, etc. and your 4 legged family members loving it too....great for all animals!
SILK Natural Bug Spray

Imagine REAL COMFORT-SAFE, NON-STICKY and ALL NATURAL - you don't need to reinvent the wheel - when something works it works! Espana Silks Natural Bug Spray works on you, all ages in your family, your pets and is environmentally friendly! Our unique blend of extra eucalyptus, marigold, rosemary, cedarwood , peppermint, citronella and pine extracts discourages more than flies and will relieve you from pesky mosquitoes, chiggers, gnats, and a bonus is that other annoying flying insects will also leave you alone.  So safe you can wipe it on your face and because there are no chemicals you can apply even on sensitive/tender areas without concern as well as spraying or wiping in/on and around picinic tables, outside areas where lounging, etc,  Espana Silks Bug Spray is Fabric Safe with the pleasant scent of lemon grass and is hydrating on the skin so its perfect for you anywhere you go in any environment. By using Espana Silks Antiseptic line of Shampoo/Conditioiner & Topical Spray products you can be assured of extra protection and saying good bye to itchy red bites, ruthless flies/mosquitoes and ticks as the layering of EUCALYPTUS on top of EUCALYPTUS builds a shield as a BASE COAT on clothing/skin/hair that bugs have a harder time to bite through and with Espana Silks Bug Spray as a TOP FINISHING COAT you can enjoy nature without interruption. (Ready to use) Great for the whole family, your dog, cat, horse and all animals!
Silk Natural Revitalizing Mist

Our Revitalizing Mist Collection offers 4 selections of hypoallergenic herbal body mists that are pet and people safe.  Discover the calming aromatherapy of our botanical body mists to refresh, rejuvenate, rehydrate and revitalize all types of coats with any of our multi-faceted pet, hair and skin care hydrating products from shampoo to conditioners to our "NEW" Espana SILK Revitalizing Mists leaving you wanting more and more and more.


Personalize you and your pets grooming experience with Espana SILK Revitalizing Mists complete offering of spa-inspired essences.

Organic and plant based ingredients featuring our signature Cucumber Spa, our aromatic Lilly of the Valley, our 2 new romantic European splendours of Soliel "Sunshine" and Santal "Earth" inspired Mother Nature Mists completing our Collections finest!


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